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Hello we are called Jose Luís and Andrés, want that you know that it(he,she) pleases and satisfies us the fact that you are here.
Since we are sure that only you will read this an alone time we invite you to that you enter(approach) and use this page, of the way that mas you taste or are convenient(agree).
We do not try to be the typical Web of company with serious and boring information, in which you fall down one day because the seeker of shift brought here, if not his(her) that as ínter sailors that also we are we will try(mean) (limited for a little time of leisure that we arrange), to support a dynamic Web and especially enterteining where we wait you sit down to taste and especially could interact with us and the rest of the world.
With everything what here you find you will be able to do an idea to you of how we are and in the measure in which your you take part you will start forming a part of us and from this point it(he,she) will be when our motto " something more than eggs " prospers and turns into a ball of snow that rolls about a hillside without end(purpose) and …!!! Yeepa already we start going away of the pot, it(he,she) covers strip "pa"  inside …

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