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Actually(Indeed) our history begins about middle of the forties, when our grandfather Antonio Benerando Lorenzo, with a donkey (we have not managed to know the sex of the animal), was buying eggs for the villages of the deepest Galicia and tens of kilometres were crossed afoot(by foot) to be able to sell them in the city (if it was possible to call Verín like that) and extract forward to his(her,your) nine children … that it are not bad.  

          Nevertheless, I was born for this trade(office) as far back as ends of April, 94, thankfully already it(he,she) had driving licence and something of experience in the world of the sale like that is that I said to myself I am going to touch the eggs a bit …. And almost I finish also the same day, since the snowfall that fell down did me me remained thrown(shot) in Urkiola's port that of times that I it have travelled since then!!!, when I finished that day I said to myself that if that one had not stopped me already it(he,she) would not do anything … and up to today I can say proudly that we have not failed.

 And I say we have since if he(she) was at the time I only today I possess(rely on) the help of all my family, in major or minor measure, from my wife (the strongest of all), my brother (my better page and associate), my parents (some any area) up to my son (*) without which me it would be practically impossible to include and to come to all our clients in ideal conditions.
Until in January, 2006, date in which was born  AVIDUR 2005 SL., and the inestimable support that I offer to us POULTRY OF NAVARRE we met a quantitative jump that forced us to change us of our location into Matiena to a pavilion(flag) into Durango that allows us to be employed at ideal conditions, making our bet of future more effective and viable.
The future came from the hand of the company LABEYRIE when in January, 2007 we begin the distribution of all the products derived from the duck and the salmon, in the zone in which we move, the Basque Country.
The future … we do not see the future beyond the following three days of the current week, which is the planning that we take as a norm in the work, since for us nothing is more important that to manage and to give a good service to the client, for it we do not look for a growth as company rapidly and in disorder but every new client that we start serving, from the first day, has the same attention that those who go with us … since I was born …

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