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To telling the truth, we are sure that the whole "world" knows, that the eggs are our base in this section … and you are not wrong, nevertheless we wanted to do a nuance to you, more of one will say … and the duck? ... good yes also the duck and the salmon and in a not very distant future other products … to what we go it (he, she) is that after so many years of rolling we come to the conclusion of that our real product is the service … to come to our clients day after day and to do that the word problem does not appear ever inside our relation.


For this motive inside this introduction we us do not go to centring in classes or sizes.


Simply we would be pleased that you knew, that our efforts are directed that in your pantries, chambers(cameras) or racks you do not miss these other products (now if … eggs, duck, etc.); in order that when you work with them you do not remember us and that when you elaborate them, they give good results as you like. When your own (proper) clients taste your plates, or take to him (you, them) to house these products, do it with total confidence and satisfaction.


When you enter every paragraph you will realize that the companies that entrust to us his(her, your) products in order that we distribute them are the best of his(her, your) sector, and though we show you a relation of everything what we move I recommend to you to visit his(her, your) own(proper) Web that they are since(as, like) you will see done by professionals and with funds and not as this one that to part(report) of good intentions (since we do not have funds), we will centre on two aspects on the zone of leisure (it(he, she) is we defend ourselves well) and the shop online (when we have) … . I remain especially for our clients - friends, our "product" always is accompanied by a smile and an affable treatment (deal) that is included in “something more than eggs “….

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