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Here it is where it(he,she) wanted to see you ... I wait for this one that it is the most dynamic section of the web because every day we will try(get) to give you something that as minimum you starts(extracts) a smile, sharpen your intelligence or affect the heart ... slightly definitively that makes you feel ... of all forms in the zone of unloads podreis to find mas material .... to amusing itself(himself,herself).

Message for the English-speakers, I am sorry that many of the things that are published in this section only go in Castilian(Spanish), wait for your comprehension. To be able to see this section you will have to accede across the page in Castilian(Spanish).

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File Description:
ingenieros.doc y vosotros en que facultad decis que habeis estudiado????
Llegaelfindesemana.pps esos findes...
Caidita_cinta.zip y este ...acaso esperaba otra cosa?
fotos_con_comida.pps Me gusta este tipo de arte...


Gallery Drawing

For the children you can download HERE out little egg for painting while you cook the favoulous recipes that we have stored here for you.

If after childs have been good painters, you can send us your colored versions by clicking here.Avidur

Receips Recipes

We Invite you to take a look at out recipes book, every recipe is something about eggs and will not drive you crazy, they are easy to cook and delicious to taste, good luck!

Huevos estrellados
Tortilla de chorizo y níscalos
Huevos a la americana. eggs to the american
Huevos con Chorizo Bofero

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